Lilly Pulitzer Gifts under $60

 Hi Friends! Thanks so much for stopping by. I wanted to share with you some cute new Lilly pieces that I have and have discovered to be great gifts. And all of them are under $60, which is even better.

First things first, let’s talk pajamas– I love my Lilly pjs and they are ultra soft too. The food thing is that you can buy them individually or as a set to match. I personally chose the Print for a cause. Because Breast cancer awareness is very important to me. There are a plethora of new prints available over on the Lilly website to chose from. I’m eyeing this print as my next purchase of PJs. Plus, who wouldn’t love a cute new PJ set?! Also pictured is the softest blanket ever. They are very scarce in store so I recommend ordering before they run out. This print and blanket is amazing and would be a wonderful gift!

Hats and more Hats! These two hats are so fun and are great options for people who like print but not a lot all over. Its great for a friend who wants to try Lilly out in small doses. lol, 😆 both of these options are under $50 and are great gifts for poolside or everyday casual wear. The printed casual hat comes in a plethora of colors.
This printed headband is also to cute, I love this pretty print. 
If you or a friend loves listening to music when they jog, This AirPods or earbud case is a great way to hide your AirPods or earbuds.

Now for the Friend who loves to journal (this one is only $12) or keeps her desk organized, these cute lilly items are my favorite. I have quite a few notebooks and I use my planner every day for work.
Also pictured is this cute umbrella and mobile charger. I love the turtle print!

I love my Lilly cooler and I use mine all of the time to carry my lunch or to keep my drinks cool in the summer while traveling. Speaking of drinks, I love cute tumblers and these are super cute gifts. I love giving these with a little coffee as a gift. 

These Etta tops are so versatile and can be dressed up or down and are under $50 . These shirts come in solid colors and prints. I have the light pink one. 

These pretty cappuccino mugs are currently on mega sale for only $29.99, they were originally $52! These would make a great gift for friends who love a good Italian cappuccino. 

Thanks so much for stopping  by. I’ll be sharing more favorites as gifts soon.

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