Loving Lately part 2

 Welcome back! Here’s a round up of some things that I have been loving lately and wanted to share with you all.

This beautiful purple cashmere crewneck sweater has been on repeat! And it has been a big seller on my blog as well! A few of you messaged me stating that you ordered it too! I’ve worn it so much and I’m not ashamed of outfit repeating😂 This color is sold out but there’s a darker purple still available and on my wishlist. These sweaters from JCrew have quickly become a favorite of mine. This is my second one and I foresee more in my future. 

Let’s talk these wonderful oils- I love a good skincare routine and I have recently started to include these two oils (Argan oil and the Precious Face oil) in my personal skincare routine. They are hands down my favorite new skincare products. I add either of them in the morning under my sunscreen for a nice slight glow or at  night for extra moisture. I highly highly recommend either of these! 

I’m in love with my new pajamas from Lilly! Not only is the print gorgeous but it supports a good cause- Breast cancer research. 
I love being cozy and they’re so soft. These would make a great gift too, maybe for someone going through Breast Cancer or just a nice gift in general. 
I love cooking and sometimes I crave certain foods. Fish was the craving this time and tacos so I went over to Pinterest and found this yummy and healthy recipe  and made some tasty fish tacos for dinner. 

I love books 📚 I’m a complete book work, but with my on-the-go career; in just not able to squeeze in a day of  reading. I still get some reading in occasionally,  but it’s mostly audiobooks for me. 
I’ve been enjoying this one called the Resistance
Here’s a little  summary of the title:
Chaya a Jewish girl finds herself in Poland during a time where it’s dangerous being a Jew. Certain relatives disappear and Chaya finds herself on a mission to help others. 
I have so many more favorites but I’m going to save those for my next blogpost. Stay tuned! 

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