Weekends Relaxing in my new PJs

 Happy Weekend Friends! If you have been following for a while you may know that Saturday is my favorite day of the week. It’s where I relax, refresh, reflect, and spend lots of time with God.  I wanted to share with you how I make the most out of my weekend. I didn’t want to call this my weekend routine because I really don’t have a weekend routine. Although every Saturday may not look exactly the same. 

First things first I wake up whatever time that I want or whenever my eyes wake up. And depending on if I have enough food in the house, I’ll make a delicious breakfast. This morning I made my favorite frozen buttermilk biscuits from Callie’s Hot little biscuit and threw together a small serving of raspberry and strawberry preserves along with scrambled eggs. A quick tip that I have learned about scrambled eggs cook them in butter and then add salt and pepper afterward; it keeps the eggs nice and fluffy and not hard and rubbery. Ok, I’m done with the culinary tips.

I love taking my time on the weekends to really dive into the scriptures, praying and devout time thanking the One who gives me everything that I need. 

Some days I might head over to the Farmer’s market, which is literally a nice walk down the road or a short drive. I’ll pick up all of the things for recipes or meal prepping for the week ahead.

Pretty much the rest of the day is lounging in my pajamas– these are my new favorites from Lilly. I love love love this print and it supports a worthy cause. The colors are vibrant and I love the floral print is amazing and it also includes the breast cancer awareness ribbon as well. The robe is on my list because it’s so soft, oh, and the blanket too! Speaking of blankets by noontime I’m ready to take a nap and wake up to eat a yummy lunch that I’ll pick up from one of my favorite restaurants downtown or I’ll prepare a delicious lunch.

I eventually put real clothes on when it’s time to leave for Church. But for the most part, I’m in my jammies and circulate from the bed, my porch, kitchen, and back to my bed again.

How do you spend your weekends? I love hearing from you all. Thanks for stopping by.

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