Fall Picnic on the beach

Happy Sunday Friends! We are a couple weeks into the fall season, even though for some of us here in the south, particularly Florida, are still experiencing summer weather. As we watch our Northern Friends celebrate fall with changing leaves crisp air, and sweater weather, Some of us are over here with the AC on full blast. 😅 However, rest assure I’m going to share with you a few activities that we can do during the fall months here in the south until it gets colder. So, with that being said let’s dive into the first Florida or Coastal fall activity- A picnic on the beach.
The other day I packed up my cooler took a short drive over to the beach and had the most peaceful breakfast. I spread out my blanket and my new favorite exotic hardwood cutting board from Wren Home. This board was the perfect addition to my little picnic- one thing that I wanted to point out was you can customize your cutting board and add your monogram or name. There are also other styles to choose from as well. It is a great quality board and the wood is absolutely stunning. I do have a coupon code to save you 20% when you checkout and the code is EBONEE20. 


Another fall activity is creating a little s’mores board using the cutting board and making a small fire at night, if its cooler at night where you live, or making a delicious charcuterie board over a nice book club chat. If there isn’t a beach where you live, you can sit by the lake or park and have a  lunch picnic with your new cutting board. The ideas are endless! But my favorite is sitting by the beach and enjoying the sound of the waves while eating my greek yogurt. 
Let me know what you purchase after using my coupon code, I’d love to know! Thanks so much for stopping by.

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    Gorgeous photos! What a great set up.

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    Thank you so much

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