Rainy Fall Activity

Happy Autumn Friends! Here in Florida, it doesn’t quite feel like autumn, and it’s been raining Every. Single.Day. And All. Day. Long! So with that being said, I love getting dressed up and heading to the library and gather all of the books and reading on a cozy, rainy autumn day. I’ve been wearing this  Duffield Lane Evergreen vest nonstop and the color is just so gorgeous for Autumn and I paired it with my purple Elsa top from Lilly and Purple bow flats. 
So even if you live in a place where dressing up for Autumn activities are not possible create your own Fun activities and throw on your favorite outfit – be sure to add this beautiful vest to your outfit you’ll thank me later!
What are some of your favorite Autumn activities?

Thanks so much for stopping by my little happy place on the internet.


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