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Hi Friends! It is no secret that I love candles anything that smells good for my home. I rounded up my favorite candle scents and essential oils for your essential oil diffuser to create a cozy environment.
This candle doesn’t ship until September but it perfect for the coming fall season – all things pumpkin! It’s from Volcano and can be found here. This candle from Voluspa is a great transitioning candle and I have it and it smells soooo good. These two from Bath and Body Works are my favorites; I just finished burning the Leaves candle. I feel like Leaves is a classic Fall scent. The cranberry woods candle is also a good one and I feel it would make a great gift and crowd-pleaser. Also, another crowd-pleaser is the Capri Blue candle in the Volcano scent. This Jo Malone candle is currently on sale it has a sophisticated, warm floral scent. Here’s is a more citrus and earthy scent.
Now for essential oils- I have recently fallen in love with Essential oils. I love my Essential oil diffuser. I have found that I use these oils most often and I love them. These two are also on sale here and here. I also love this citrus scent. Citrus is my personal all-time scent.
Now on to candle accessories, to extend the life of your candle and to keep your candles burning nicely, I highly recommend, I mean highly recommend this candle wick trimmer. It’s a great accessory and makes a great gift too. Also, this candle snuffer is a great buy as well.
Lastly, My sister told me about this USB candle lighter. And OH MY I’m so pumped about this item. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it is just such a great concept and all you have to do is charge it up. It comes in 4 colors. Gold for me please🙋.
I hope that this post puts you in a cozy state of mind and thank you so much for stopping by! 

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