Soft White Tops to wear into Autumn

Hi Friends! You know that no white after Labor Day rule? Well, I’ve never been really good at following that rule so I gave up and decided to break it altogether.😆 Being a Floridian where it is warm 97% of the year; wearing white all year just makes sense to keep cool. Plus it looks so chic which I’m all about. I decided to put together 7 tops/cardigans, some are apart of the Nordstrom sale so you’re saving money which is a plus, that you can wear well into fall with darker bottoms, dresses, or booties.

1. Cute puffed sleeve sweater would go great with dark denim and booties 2. Ivory cardigan with a longer length is great for a cozy day 3. white crewneck sweater top 4. Linen button blouse 5. soft white cashmere sweater, this comes in a plethora of colors 6. linen tunic, this would go great with a blazer and a leopard skirt 7. Ivory cardigan sleek and straight.

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