Florida Fall Outfit Guide

Hi Friends! I know that it is still Summer and we are still hanging on to the last few weeks of it. But in just a few short weeks everyone (except me) will be drinking hot pumpkin spice lattes and wearing sweaters. Except here I Florida we will still be wearing sandals and drinking iced coffee and trying not to faint from heat exhaustion. So I’m putting together a Florida edition Autumn outfit guide. I’ll link each piece, some of these items are included in the Nordstrom sale. So the prices are good and some of these are investment pieces and pieces that I have and love and wanting to recommend to you.

The first outfit is for those cooler fall nights here in Florida, where a nice cardigan will keep you warm. I’m talking 70 degrees lol😆
Outfit number two is a perfect night out eating Al Fresco.
Olive green shirt dress so chic and classic/ I own this Chanel perfume and I love it. This one comes in a set and smells so wonderful! Sunglasses/ Sarah Flint garden Lace-up sandals the perfect shoe for fall here in Florida/ Tory Burch Crossbody/
Outfit number three is such a casual look. And it’s also comfortable. I have this dress on my list, I’m always looking for simple t-shirt dresses and styling them to look chicer. Gold Sarah Flint slides/ Tote bag/ Scarf/ Sunglasses/
Outfit number four can work perfectly for those warm days and cooler nights by throwing on this cardigan/ Dress/ Sunglasses/ Two-toned Sarah Flint sandals/ Marc Jacobs crossbody/ 

Outfit number five is one of my favorites! Its oh so Florida style yet the sleeves can keep you warm if it’s cool in the evening. This dress is a great price and I have the sundress style of this print. Sunglasses/ Sarah Flint Sandals/ Marc Jacobs crossbody/
Note* if you decide to buy any of the Sarah Flint Shoes that are full price, you get $50 off when you click each link.
I hope that you enjoyed this blogpost and got inspiration from it. 
*Disclaimer* If you decide to click and purchase from my affiliate links; I do receive a very tiny commission. I really appreciate your support as each blogpost takes time and research. And thank you for reading, I know that there are so many blogs you could be reading right now, and that is so much more popular than mine. But I really love blogging so even if you don’t buy anything just the fact that you stopped by to read and get inspired means so much to me. 
Happy Sunday Friends💜

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