Guest room reveal Part 1

Today is the Day! I’m finally sharing my Guest room makeover reveal Part 1.
Here are some before pictures that I’ve never shared before. This is what this room looked like when I toured it to buy it. The blue carpet in the hallway I ripped out the first few months of living here. I COULD NOT TAKE THAT UGLY STUFF!!!!!!

So this room has actually gone through two different design phases. I actually painted it a similar green to what it was when I purchased it. But then changed my mind because it didn’t really feel right to me. So then I repainted a lighter version of what’s seen here and it was waaaay to light for me. So the third time is a charm and I love this color. It’s perfect! It all started with these tribal style wall baskets that really set the tone for the room. Once I hung them up, the room had the vibe I had envisioned, moody coastal yet boho. Which is the vibe all over my house. The colors in this room are black, soft whites, grays, deep blues, and natural elements like rattan and medium-toned wood.
A few of my favorite pieces in this room are the different items I hung on the walls to feature. Not every piece you hang has to be a picture- it could be an Indonesian boat paddle with unique carvings. I love this piece and knew that I had to have it. It is beyond gorgeous😍

I’m also a big fan of white bedding and a lot of pillows.
similar here and here
The moody coastal photo also sets the tone for the room also.

You all might remember me talking about the DIY light fixture for $8, well here it is in the room. It adds a small nautical touch without going overboard and it adds a good amount of light for reading.
The side table has lots of storage to hide all of the things I don’t want to display, like WIFI password for the guest, which is a good idea. I also love this faux cactus, it softens up the room and makes it feel more natural and fresh. I added this marble base lamp and you all know how much I love marble.  The lamp adds a more modern element to the room.
I still have a few more things to add and a whole entire wall on the other side of the room to fill, that’s why this is part 1 of the reveal. So stay tuned for part 2. Let me know what you think so far. I’d love to know.

 Hugs from Florida🌞

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