Lilly Pulitzer Tote Favorites

Good afternoon friends, TodayIm sharing my personal Lilly tote collection and my new favorites from the summer collection. 
As you may know I travel for work and sometimes its a quick overnight trip. So on those quick trips I love to pack my Lilly Palm Beach tote with just the basics i.e my uniform, an outfit for dinner or pjs and a little big with my toothbrush, skin care and underwear. I even using these totes for work- I’ll throw my laptop and planner and any other paperwork that I may need at that moment and I’m all set. 
The pictures of my collection- the exact prints are sold out but the style of bag in new prints are still available. 
Below I have pictured my new favorites from recent releases.

 1. Gold crossbody with pink detail 2. Mizner gold tote 3. Mercato Printed tote 4. Palm Beach tote (pictured below) Lilly is also having a gift with purchase on $100 or more. The gift is a cute printed tumbler- there are four different prints to choose from. Collect all four the more that you spend. The new summer collection is great. I’ll link Lilly’s site here if you’d like to check out all of the new prints for summer.

*Not sponsored* just a true Lilly lover.💜

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