At home Pedicure

Hello Friends! So I had my very first at-home pedicure and it was a success. Since the spas are closed still- I decided to do my own pedicure because I was long overdue. I wanted to share the items that I used for my at-home pedicure. First things first I had to soak my toes and get any remaining gel off and then I took a nice hot bath and let my feet soak. I wanted to mention that I bought the most amazing and skin-softening soap from a small boutique named Agapanthus. They have quite a few scents- I have actually bought them for my mom and my sister for Mother’s Day last year and this year, so I’m a big fan. They are made in France and fairly inexpensive for such high quality. I’ll link the website to purchase here. I bought the carrot scent for myself and it smells ahhhhmazing!!!!!!😍 If you’d like to check out more of Agapanthus great gifts, decor, and spa essentials I’ll link their website here and their Instagram.

I did buy pumice stone for my heels to soften them up and to get rid of any callused skin which wasn’t very much. I try to take care of my feet since I love wearing sandals. But I highly recommend buying a pumice stone. Afterward, I used a foot mask from the same boutique and I loved it. I really felt like I was in a spa except in my own home. I let the foot mask stay on for about 20 minutes and then added my favorite moisturizers.

If you’ve been wanting to do your own pedicure, I highly recommend it. Especially on a weekend, where you’re winding down for the evening and staying home.

I’ll link my robe – which I had monogrammed here.

Happy Sunday Friends.

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