Lilly Pulitzer Spring Sale & Giveaway

Hi Friends! Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog. If you are an avid Lilly lover and collector; you probably already know that Lilly Pulitzer is holding a great sale. The sale is up to 50% off your full-price purchases. I haven’t bought a Lilly Dress in a while- mostly because my mom has been furloughed and she is my first priority and not a new dress. Anyway, I bought this beauty and its so perfect for this time of year. The colors are beautiful and this style of dress is my favorite I have it in another print. The price is good also and add the sale discount and its much better. I’m wearing my usual dress size- I highly recommend this dress.

Now on to the giveaway! My favorite print is Mermaid in the Shade and I recently bought a coffee in this print. That mug is unfortunately sold out, however, I bought an extra one from a Lilly Signature store to giveaway. Because I know that a lot of you love this print and even asked me about it. So I’m going to give one lucky reader a brand new Mermaid in the Shade coffee mug. 
Here’s how to enter: Head over to my Instagram linked here and be sure to be following. Tag 3 friends and add a💜 purple heart emoji and that’s all. The giveaway will end Monday, May 4th at 8pm.

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