Spa Day with Sephora’s Spring Savings

Hi Friends, since all of the spas are closed, unfortunately; I thought it’d be great to create an at-home spa experience. Which actually can be so fun and possibly a lot cleaner. I love taking care of my skin from the inside out and buying good products for my skin is worth the price. Sephora is currently having its spring savings sale and it so happens that I’m in need of some replenishing of some items that I use religiously and work great for my skin.  First things first, are you a Sephora Beauty Insider?  If not, it’s you definitely should- it’s totally free. For each tier of membership, Sephora insiders will have their own special weekend to shop for discounts. I’ll link it for you to sign up for your savings. Just so you know Insider members get 10% off event purchases online with code SPRINGSAVE .

Here my personal skincare routine is broken down step by step. I use African black soap to cleanse my face- My dermatologist told me to use the liquid version because the bar soap can hold bacteria. I’ll link the liquid version here just in case you are interested. I have noticed a drastic change in my skin; specifically hyperpigmentation (melasma). This soap is vegan, raw and organic which is great for your skin. Occasionally I like to do a mask for that ultimate spa feeling. Here are a few really good ones, here, here, and here. Depending on what you are trying to tackle for your skin each of these are beneficial in their own way. I mostly aim for hydration. The closer I get to thirty, I can’t believe I just typed that, 😦 Anyway, the closer that I get to that number, I have been focusing on the skin around my eyes. I have been using Mario Badescu’s Eye cream for close to two years and it is extremely hydrating and I even travel with it. That’s how much I love it.
One of my favorite Moisturizers is this one here. I have been using this for a long time. It’s very rich for my dry skin and the scent is very light and I love it. I linked some Like to Know It app-exclusive sales on my Like to Know It page. 
I happen to be blessed with a beautiful clawfoot tub and I love to take bubble baths in it.  I’m kinda sensitive to a lot of bubble bath liquids but this one happens to be pretty gentle for certain areas. 

I hope that you decide to treat yourself to a nice at-home spa day with a nice bubble bath, a book, and a cozy candle. happy Sunday!

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