What I’ve baked lately

Hi Friends, thanks for stopping by. I was inspired by another Instagram account to do some baking. I’ve been wanting to make buttermilk biscuit for a while now but just didn’t get around to it. Well, since we all are home now quarantining or working from home or just staying home. I thought I’d pull out my baking supplies and get to baking. One key ingredient that I needed was buttermilk, welllll…… I thought that I had some but it really was a different dairy product that I couldn’t use. So I had to get creative and make my own Buttermilk substitute and it was super easy.
I wanted to share it with you just in case you are ever in a baking quandary. LOL
one cup of milk
one small fresh lemon or white vinegar
In a bowl whisk together two tablespoons of the lemon OR 
whisk in two tablespoons of vinegar.
And that’s it! you’re all set. Super easy right? 
All of my copper utensils are sold out; they’re from Anthropologie but I’ll link similar items here, here, and here

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