Black, White and Lilly

My style is Chic with a preppy lean and colorful; however, I love black! So today’s post will be how I style my black Lilly for cooler weather and in a more chic way. My Black and White skirt is actually a matching set from Lilly. It’s still available in some sizes and I’ll link it for you long with similar skirt styles. All of the other exact outfits will be linked to you as well.

Lilly Skirt Set/ Similar skirt / This is my favorite Hat. I wear it all of the time and I’m actually in need of a new one. LOL! This top is actually a bodysuit, I sized up due to my naturally larger bust and wide shoulders. I do recommend sizing up if you have a larger bust. The gold tote is from Lilly and might still be available in stores, but here’s a similar one.

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