24 Hour Packing Tips

Occasionally, I have overnight trips and only need a small bag for my travels. I put together a couple tips for traveling/packing for short trips and how I pack. I absolutely LOOOOVVVEE the Lilly Pulitzer Palm Beach tote for overnight/23 hour trips. It zips up and holds just the right amount of stuff. I recently discovered the KonMari method and how to utilize space when packing. So, I used one of the methods for underwear and smaller items.
My Tip number one: Always bring extra underwear; even if you’re only staying for one night. Because you never know! And its better to be safe than sorry.

The smaller bag fits underwear and a smaller bag with skincare etc. It fits soooo much!

My Tip number two: Pack an extra outfit according to dinner plans.
Here I have two options. This first one is a super cozy, pink velvet jacket and a neutral comfortable bottom. This outfit is geared towards an “after work I’m going to grab chick-fil-a, head to the hotel and put on my cute strawberry socks, to finish sending emails or read my latest book outfit.”

The second outfit is fun yet chic maxi dress with some gold shoes these are currently $7 dollars by the way. It’s an” I worked hard today and a nice dinner is  appropriate tonight.” 
 Bonus Tip: Make time for an iced vanilla coffee!

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