We are important to God

Hi Friends! My pastor recently said something in church that touched my heart. It was ” People are very important to God!” Every single human being on this earth is important. Christ died for each and every one of us and he cares for our souls. This is why it is so imperative that we tell people the truth when they are doing wrong because it could cost them their eternity with God if we coddle and condone bad… or worse – wicked and perverted behavior. Not that we should be mean and nasty, but we should speak the truth and stand for what’s right. And help people overcome their faults and bad behavior.
So back to being important to God. People are so important that He made a way for us to escape eternal separation from Him. By becoming human and giving his life to redeem us from sin. Now it’s up to us to turn towards God and live for Him forever. So when you feel hopeless- Just remember that you are important to God and he cares for your soul.

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