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Lately, I have been feeling like blogging or social media, in general, has become this competition for who has the best pictures and content. And most bloggers are posing the same way in their cars with the same Starbucks drink and the same ponytail. And that there’s no soul behind it anymore, at least for me. Everyone has to feel socially validated. I have tried to understand the Algorithms, follower engagement and making sure my feed and blog are cohesive and build my own “brand.” And it made me forget the real reason I started my blog almost two years ago which is to express my creativity, love of photography, and share my favorite things. So I’m going back to the basics and posting whatever I feel like posting whether it be a snapshot of my nephew and me, a new piece of furniture that I bought, flowers, whatever I’m cooking up in my kitchen, politics, a new dress from Lilly or maybe a new dress that’s not from Lilly. Whether I get people reading my blog or followers on social media or not, I still love blogging and taking pictures and sharing them. Blogging is NOT my job nor do I get paid for any posts, so I can be free and post all of the things I love! This post is in no way bashing other bloggers. I just miss the creative blogging and photography and I’m going to incorporate that back into my blog and photography world. Well, I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and my honest feeling about blogging and social media. Just remember we are worth more than a like on Instagram. God created us and we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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  1. Unknown wrote:

    Love this and totally agree! �� You are a beautiful person inside and out! Always be your true self! ��

    Posted 2.27.19 Reply
  2. Jayme wrote:

    I love that you are being you and not catering to the Instagram algorithm. It's exhausting and not worth the effort, and IG and blogs should be about what you love and want to express! Keep being you ❤

    Posted 2.27.19 Reply
  3. Livingshae wrote:

    Thank you 💜 I’ve learned being myself is much easier💜

    Posted 2.27.19 Reply
  4. Livingshae wrote:

    Thank you Jayme! I love your photography and the way you express your love of travel💜

    Posted 2.27.19 Reply
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