Closet Essentials-Shoe Edition

I think that there are certain closet essentials that every girl should have in her closet. And today’s topic is shoes. These are my personal closet staples because I can wear them with multiple outfits, they’re neutral, and very versatile.

Every girl needs a pair of nude heels in her closet- I tend to wear very colorful outfits majority of the time so these match all of my colorful outfits and give them a classy look. 
Leopard print heels are also I must- in my book Leopard is a neutral. I have even worn my leopard heels with some of my Lilly and it looked fantastic and I got so many compliments with the look. 
Neutral Flats- I bought these late summer time because I was in need of a new pair of neutral flats and I have worn them so much over the autumn and now in winter. I’m more of a heel or wedge girl but sometimes I just want to wear flats and these are my favorites.
Gold sandals or wedges- I love my gold Lilly McKim wedges. I wear these so much, especially in the spring, summer and even in the autumn months. Like I said earlier I like a higher shoe but I also love sandals so these are a perfect mix. 
Rain boots- I live in Florida where it rains so much during the summer and I often go up to Georgia monthly/bimonthly for work and it’s always raining. So these guys are a life saver. And they work perfectly for when it’s cold too. 
Riding boots- I recently bought these for my trip to NYC and I wore them everyday there because it was freezing. I have worn them so much ever since coming back home to Florida too, I love the style and they are so well made and they keep my legs so warm. They are by far my best purchase or i investment. Be on the look out for my wardrobe essentials blogpost. 

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