Styling Hunter Rain Boots

Hello Everyone! So it has been rainy here in Georgia (if you follow me on Instagram you know that I’m up here on a work trip) I keep my rain boots in my car because back home in Florida a shower can pop up out of the blue and I’m normally always in sandals. So, I just swap out my sandals for my rain boots.  Well, apparently it rains a lot here in Georgia too. So I’m glad that I brought them with me. I also picked up this pullover on sale at a Lilly signature store here in Georgia on my last trip; it has been quite chilly too. I loooove the thumb holes because it keeps my hands warm. And the print is so fun too; I love the giraffe in this print. I will link my exact Hunter boots here for you.  Hunter brought back the purple color in two shades that what I wanted originally but they were sold out. Now the decision is which shade of purple do I want to buy to go with all of my new purple Lilly clothes!

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