My Favorite Healthy Snacks while Traveling

Hi Friends! Thank you so much for stopping by. I’ll be traveling again for work this weekend and I’m packing my favorite foods. Some I have been eating for a while; some I just discovered and wanted to share with you. First off, I drink a lot of water, so that was a must. And I love Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop popcorn they have a variety of flavors including some holiday flavors that are delicious. This one is one of my favorite flavors. This beet orange juice is also delicious made with Florida oranges which made me an instant fan. I love the regular orange juice as well as the strawberry lemonade. Delish!

I also tried out a new breakfast item. This strawberry overnight oats are my new favorite for on the go travel days and it tastes yummy too. When I’m home I normally eat a nice bowl of greek yogurt for protein, granola, honey, and fruit. This breakfast item actually has greek yogurt so it was perfect. I have to have a lot of protein in the morning. Also, some of my favorite snacks are nuts. They are a good source of protein. 

All of the non-perishable snacks I put in my new Lilly Palm Beach zip-up tote so that everything is nice and safe. I love this print. I picked it up last week and the Lilly team said that it’s not even on the website yet, so its very possible I’m the only person with this bag. LOL. They have it in a different print. The print name is “Postcards from Positano.” I’ll link the one on the website here for you to check out. I love the zipper because I can secure my items and they won’t fall out. Last but not least my favorite fall drink at the moment is apple cider latte. Its the perfect on the road drink. It gives me all of the Happy Vibes.

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