Black and Lilly

So we all associate Lilly with bright colors and patterns. But lately, Lilly has been introducing more neutrals and even onyx (black) into their collections. For us, Floridians its kinda hard to transition completely into a fall wardrobe when the temperatures are still in the 90’s. Yep, the 90’s! So I wanted to put together a blog series styling Lilly with black or even dark colors. Sorta like a happy medium- but still, wear my prints but style it with black. So this is the first blog post on how to style black with Lilly and I even did some print mixing. I love the print of this scarf, its one of my favorites to wear as we transition into fall. It has the jewel tones and goes so well with black and even my leopard pumps. Let me know if you like this series. And thanks for stopping by.

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