Lilly Pulitzer APS Tips and Giveaway

Hi Friends, Thank you so much for stopping by my little colorful blog. You may all know by now that the Lilly After Party sale is launching this weekend in stores and Monday and Tuesday online. I have been a Lilly shopper for a few years now. I love the sale they have twice a year in the summer and winter. Here are my top three tips for shopping the sale.
1. Create an account today (the sooner the better) so that your credit card info is all ready to go for checkout.
2. Have a specific name list of what you want- so that you can head right to it.
3. Remember there will be a virtual line, so please do not refresh your page you will be put at the back of the virtual line. And no one likes being number 202867390 in the best sale of the year.

Now, for my wishlist. I’m hoping to get the Elyssa cardigan wrap in Navy and Onyx. My favorite cozy cardigan. I already have the tinted paradise, it’s so soft and comfy.
A new dress, a new bag, and McKim wedges. What’s on your wish list? I’d love to know and maybe we could help each other out.
In celebration of the sale. I’ve teamed up with other Lilly loving bloggers for a generous Lilly Pulitzer gift card giveaway to shop during the sale. Head over to my Instagram for all of the details.

Below are some shots of my favorite new dress that recently bought. This print probably won’t be apart of the sale but I wanted to share with you all. Thank you for stopping by and happy shopping!!!!

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