Semi Healthy Meal Prep Idea

Hi Friends! So as promised, here’s a semi-healthy meal idea for the week. The reason I say semi-healthy, is although the dressing I use is organic; it still has a decent amount of sodium. You can adjust the portions according to how many you’re serving. But all you’ll need is
1. Organic Pasta
2. Annie’s goddess dressing ( Its a blend of lemon and garlic)
3. asparagus
4.shrimp or chicken ( I love seafood so I went with shrimp)
Cook the pasta according to the instructions, cook the shrimp until pink and the asparagus until tender. I steamed my shrimp and asparagus in the same pot to cut down on time ( i don’t have very much of it).  Mix all of the ingredients together and I recommend serving it chilled. The dressing tastes better in my opinion cold. You can also top this recipe with feta cheese for a complete greek style flavor. Let me know if you try this recipe.  I have eaten it for lunch and it’s quite scrumptious.

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