Healthy smoothies with Daily Harvest

         I don’t know about you but I love smoothies! But sometimes I don’t always have time to prepare the fruit for my smoothie, that’s where Daily Harvest comes to help. Daily Harvest is known for their ready-to-blend smoothie, they also offer soups, chia parfaits, overnight oats, sundaes, harvest bowls and LATTES!!!! So if you’re super busy Girl Boss like myself or a mom on the go, or even just don’t have the time to prepare the smoothie ingredients. Check out Daily Harvest, when you go to check out your order be sure to put in the code: petalprep so that on your first order you get 3 free smoothie cups.

I love the strawberry and peach smoothie, it’s delicious. And not only are these smoothies delicious but they are made with real, unprocessed, unrefined food and nutritionist-approved. I added coconut milk and a scoop of greek yogurt for some extra protein for my morning breakfast. Be on the lookout next week for a fun way to use your Daily Harvest smoothies. Let me know what flavors you get.

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