Closet Organizing

    Hi There! So with it being the new year, I decided to organize my closet- in a way that works for me.  As you may know 90 percent of my closet is Lilly, so its like a rainbow when you open my closet doors. Lol. So I wanted put my clothing in categories.  I put all of my maxi dresses and maxi skirts together.

I also put my outerwear: Puffer vest; rain jackets, lightweight jackets and heavy jackets towards the back because being from Florida, wearing a coat is few and far between- except for this winter its been quite cold. I keep my rain jackets closer because it rains a lot in the spring and summer. Right next to jackets are sweaters and my printed tops, Like Elsa tops. More casual tops are with my sleeveless printed tops. 

My Cardigan collection is ever growing. These eight are from Lilly. I have a few more that are not from Lilly not pictured. Thats how much I love Cardigans. I also have pretty decent scarf collection. Last but not least shoes- I keep most of mine in their boxes to protect them. I like to buy shoes that I can wear with a lot of outfits, but I do have some colorful and fun shoes too. You can also color coordinate your closet too. I might do that too, when I reorganize again. Thanks for stopping by!

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