Put a Bow on it (Thrifty Sweater Craft Project)

         If you like bows, you’ll love this DIY  craft tutorial. Over the weekend I went to Goodwill and picked up a couple of sweaters for a fun craft project. I got the idea from one of my favorite Instagram accounts Allison Scraper-You can check hers out, its super cute.
So first things first, I got this ivory colored chunky sweater for less than $5.

I picked up a cute piece of red and black polka dot fabric. Super classic.The other supplies are a good pair of scissors, Embroidery floss, a marker (I used a water soluble pen from my sewing stash)
a large sewing needle and a cute Bow template. I went to google and found mine- it has cute Minnie vibes.

I cut my bows out for both of my sleeves. I then marked where my elbows were so that I sewed my bows in the right area. I did a very simple hand stitch. (Remember its a craft project; its supposed to be fun)

The final project was so cute. This project cost less than $7. This would make a great girls craft night project. I plan on wearing this cutie to a very cold place I’m traveling to this week. I hope that you try this little craft project. If you do feel free to leave a comment. I have more for craft projects to come. 

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