Weekday Relaxation

      Hi friends, Happy Monday! I thought I’d pop in with a post about those super rare weekdays that I get off work early and have nothing to do but lounge around.  Mind you I did say rare. My schedule is always crazy busy with traveling for work, working on assignments or catching up on everyday household things.  So I love those moments when I’m all caught up and I can just sit and enjoy the moment.

   During the Lilly After Party sale I purchased this beautiful silk robe. Its by far my favorite purchase . Its so soft and comfortable

It makes me want to curl up and go to bed at a decent time, instead of past midnight like I normally do. I also like to give myself a lot more time in devotional instead of rushing through. And spend more time with God who provides everything for me. I even like to make time for a good book. If you have any special things that you like to do on a rare not so busy work week feel free to let me know. Thank you for stopping by and reading.

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