My After Party Sale 2017 Purchases

     Hi There! I thought I’d pop in with a little peak at what I purchased Thus far, from the APS.
Here’s Round one!

This Bonita Clutch Bag almost slipped out of my hands. But, I managed to get it in my cart before it got away.
This Marin Ombre Sweater Wrap is actually still available. I’ve Been eyeing this since it came out. And its in my favorite color,  so I grabbed this for the autumn/winter time here Florida.  Originally $108 marked down to $39!!!!!!
Round two purchase! This gorgeous  Palm Beach silk robe was definitely on my wishlist. Too bad I didn’t have it on my Palm Beach vacation a couple weeks ago.  This is it for now. If I purchase anything else, I’ll update this post. What did you get I’d love to know. Happy shopping!!!

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