My Lilly After Party Sale Tips

    Hi there!!!! As we all patiently await one of the biggest sales Lilly has during the summer the other in the winter.  I thought I’d share a few of my tips for shopping the Lilly sale successfully and sanely, may I add. I’ve been shopping the sale for a few years now and I wanted to share some things I’ve learned.

So first,  setup an account and have your credit card and mailing address info all ready to go, so that when you check out you are all ready to go. I’ve also found that before they open the website you can’t log in because they’re getting the site ready for the sale. So its best if you have your info all ready. 
Secondly,  have a list of things you really want or even need and save the extra shopping for after or even better just stick to your list so that you are not over spending. I find if I have a list, I tend to go straight to that category and checkout quickly, instead of browsing through all of the categories. 
Thirdly,  know your size. I know this seems like a silly tip, but I learned this lesson from the last sale.  I bought a top that I had been wanting since it released last spring. And I found that I was a little snug in the bust area. Thankfully, it has buttons so I was able to make due and leave a few buttons open. So if you can try on certain styles in the stores to see if how they fit because remember you can’t return these items.
Fourth tip, try to plan a free morning  if you can because the virtual line, once the site opens, can be quite long.

Last but not least, have fun! Don’t stress! Remember it’s just a sale. And there’s always Signature stores and corporate stores that participate in the sale too. And I’ve found the signature stores have much better prices sometimes. Over the years I’ve shopped all venues.  Living in Florida theres always a Lilly nearby so I would stop by or call and they’d ship to me. 
What’s on your list this year? Feel free to leave a comment of what you plan on getting. I’d love to know.  I’m sticking to my small list this year and not going too overboard. And possibly shopping locally, so that I have my items the same day. Because I have more vacation time and a blogging event coming up soon. 
Happy Shopping the Lilly After Party Sale. Be sure to grab your favorite Lilly cup and your favorite drink, your laptop and enjoy. Hopefully these were good tips.

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