Vacation in Palm Beach and Boca Raton

     Hello! So as you know I spent almost a week in South Florida, specifically, Palm Beach and Boca Raton.( Rumor has it I’ll be back down there soon. Shhh, don’t tell.)  So I thought that I’d put together a blogpost on some places that I recommend visiting or eating if you plan on going there anytime soon yourself.
       So first things first. Hotels, there are a plethora of gorgeous hotels and resorts in Palm Beach. I stayed at Eau Palm Beach Resort. And Oh My Goodness!!! I felt like a princess with all of the wonderful services that they provide. And my hotel room was GAWGEOUS!!! And professionally designed.

         My first couple days I ate at the resort. They had so many restaurants to choose from. But I chose Ocean Breeze which is located outside near the beach and you can sit near the water as you eat. I also ordered room service breakfast in bed. My pancakes and fruit were delicious.
If you’ve never been to The Breakers.  You MUST GO Immediately. I loved it so much that I actually went twice. The court yard is gorgeous.
    The iconic Worth Avenue was also one of my favorite places to explore and to shop (besides 4 Lilly Stores I went to) and it also has some beautiful landscape and hidden treasures down each road.
Now, Boca Raton is just as gorgeous. I had a taste for a healthy sweet snack. So I stop by Raw Juice and I ordered the Black Magic Acai Bowl. I substituted the almond milk for coconut milk because I’m allergic to almond milk. And the 

Raw Juice team was so nice and helpful and made some great recommendations for places to visit while I was vacationing.

I did so much exploring and visited so many places that I can’t put it all in one post. But most of all I really enjoyed the beaches both in Palm Beach and Boca Raton. I hope that this post gave you some good ideas on where to go on your next trip to South Florida. I definitely plan on doing a lot more exploring on my next trip. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading.  Feel free to leave a comment I love hearing from you all.

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