Palm Beach Style

      I’m Absolutely loving it here in Palm Beach!!!  I could almost move here.  The architecture is Grand and the landscape is beautiful.  I have pretty much walked everywhere and along those walks I found little hidden alcoves and beauty on every turn.  Get ready for Palm Beach photography overload.  This morning I seen this beautiful  purple bougainvillea archway and tucked inside was a sitting area and a fountain. So I decided to snap some pictures of my new favorite Maxi Skirt from Lilly Pulitzer in  vibrant colors. You all know how much I love a maxi dress or skirt. And this one happened to be on mega sale at C. Orrico a Lilly Pulitzer signature store. The print is called “Never been Betta” I think that’s a perfect name for such a perfect skirt.

 Also got to shoot some fun pictures at the resort where I’m staying. They have 2 beautiful pools which I did manage to take a short swim.

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  1. linda wrote:

    All the pictures are so beautiful! I so agree with you about moving there. I love the beach and tropical landscaping along with beautiful architecture. So happy for you getting to vacation and explore. It's so lovely ��

    Posted 8.8.17 Reply
  2. Livingshae wrote:

    Thank you so much. I loved all of the beautiful flowers and the beach is absolutely beautiful too.

    Posted 8.9.17 Reply
  3. Jayme wrote:

    The flowers match your skirt! Love that! I need to take a trip to the east coast soon!!!

    Posted 8.9.17 Reply
  4. Livingshae wrote:

    Thank you!Yes! You definitely should its beautiful. I've been to the west coast a few times, but I live near the east coast so I go there mostly.

    Posted 8.10.17 Reply
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