Angels to watch over me

            Hi There! So yesterday(Friday) I had a couple meetings North of where I live and most of the time I take the Interstate and then sometime I take a different route. Yesterday I took the interstate back home. I was just ending two different phone calls one work related and the other my mom. In the distance I seen lots of black smoke and the first thing I thought was that there was a fire in the Prairie or forest until traffic stopped. And I sat in one spot for  over 2 hours. A lot of fire trucks, ambulances and state troopers came rushing by and then I thought something really bad must’ve happened. Eventually Officials got traffic moving and I had seen the aftermath of a horrible accident . Later that day I found out the details which I won’t expound on here because its very sad. But, one person did pass away among the 9 injured. My whole reason for writing this post is that the accident happened minutes prior to my arrival and I’m very Thankful for God keeping His Angels all around me and my family and friends. I travel a lot for work and I never know the God planned delays or  detours that happen in my life to keep me from harm. Who knows if God had me eat lunch early in the town I was in instead of coming back home to eat and being apart of the accident.

It also made me be very thankful for life and to not take things for granted. And to enjoy the pretty little things. Psalm91:11 is the one of my favorite Verses. It states For he (God) shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. I pray that God keeps his angels watching over my Family and I and also my friends. We should all pray it. I hope this inspires you and touches your heart. Have a great day and thank you for stopping by and reading.

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