Mother’s Day Everyday

Hi There! We all know that Mother’s Day is tomorrow and me personally I love buying my mom gifts and flowers!!! But this post is mostly about celebrating your mom everyday. I have the best mom ever! She managed to raise my younger sister and I as a single mother. She also worked really hard to make us respectable, Classy and Independent (that’s Me) ladies. While giving us the best education. I never want to take my mom for granted or designate just one day to Celebrate my mom. So for me Everyday is Mother’s Day. My mom and I talk everyday and when I’m on a work trip out of state she always ask that I text her to let her know that I arrived safely and if I don’t she’ll definitely call or text me with ear or an eye full. LOL!!! But, I really Love my mom she’s the best. So take every day as much as possible and love on your Mom. This verse I’m leaving with you fits my mom Perfectly. Proverbs 31:10KJV Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies. Thanks for stopping and reading have a great weekend!

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