Purple in Lilly

Hey There! So here’s a fun fact about me. My favorite color is Purple!!! Orchid purple to be exact. my favorite shade of purple changes sometimes depending on the season . But, I love Purple!!! So I was thrilled to see that the past couple seasons Lilly Pulitzer has been releasing a variety of purple shades. I plan on buying as much of it as possible. When I seen this beautiful amethyst colored floral top I knew that I had to have it. Its meant to be off the shoulder but I’m not a fan of that trend personally, So I styled mine like a regular top.

Here in my beautiful city in  Florida there are fields of blooming wild flowers so I thought it’d be perfect to take my camera and do a little photoshoot! the fields were beautiful and full of purple,pink and white flocks.Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!

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