Spring Break with a side of Kate Spade

     My mom had Spring break this past week and usually we all (my Mom, Sister and I) take our annual Atlanta trip, but due to conflicting schedules we decided to head to one of our favorite and oldest towns,St. Augustine. we go there quite a bit. In a different post I’ll share some of my favorite places new and old. But my mom wanted to do some shopping so before heading downtown we stopped by the St.Augustine Premium Outlets and did some shopping. Need less to say all three of us walked out of Kate Spade with a purchase or Two!!! Which created my favorite new Motto “A family that shops Kate Spade together stay together.”

Mine is the ivory colored with the delicate cutout. My sisters is the pink and popsicle wallet.
The”What’s the Scoop?’ Is my moms

Thanks for Stopping by and reading.

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